Thursday, 8 January 2009


“Think Different”

Apple Computer, Inc., is an American multinational corporation which designs and manufactures consumer electronics and software products


Computer hardware

Apple Keyboard

•Apple Mighty Mouse

•IPod Hi-Fi

•Apple Wireless Mouse


•Hard Disk 20SC

•Apple Remote

•Apple USB Modem

•Apple Wireless Keyboard

Why must to choose APPLE?

Qualified as an electronic devices manufacturer company 2nd in the world.



Sony Company said...

More comfortable and enjoyment with a bit more edit its perfect.

Bum Workshop said...

compare to Sony company, this company not give satisfied explanation to audience. when we look between Sony and Apple, they product look like similar because both of them produces electronic products. so, if Apple explain more detail about their product, maybe consumer will attracted

Unilever said...

their company provided a branded product which is attractive,stylo,advanced and suitable for teenagers..It's provided in many kind of colours..
And we sure we will buy it..


their products are quite expensive
not really friendly with their customer
so we are not going to choose their product

Pizza Hut said...

as we know that Apple produce products which is commonly used by most of teenagers..
we support your brand!!!!

Bum Workshop said...

thanks for the comments.we will try our best in order to achieve our mission. about our company name, actually its different from company B.U.M because workshop at last name of our company.