Monday, 5 January 2009



~Delicacies For Every Occasion~

•To make customers easier to prepare their meal.
•To introduce variation Malaysians food to people around the world.
•To serve frozen foods which are contain a lot of nutrition.

•Our products is well-known as the high quality of frozen food.
•It is easy to prepare in all occasions.
•Our products’s taste is just like your mom’s cook.
•Commercial freezing effectively locks in nutritional value.

At AlaMas Sdn. Bhd., we persist in yielding high quality products which are effectively locks in nutritional value. From year to year, we developed our productions with variety of Malaysians food such as pau, donut, curry puff, popiah, roti canai, murtabak and pizza. Our products are very simple, delicious and easy to prepare with affordable price in all occasions. You can have your meal anywhere, in schools, tea-break and even picnics.


Proton Company said...

yes,because it easy to serve for everybody in every situation and we do not need to waste our time to make this snack.

KFC Company said...

-Yes, because their products are interesting. They sell a lot of Malaysian food overall. As a Malaysian we need to support our product.

Anonymous said...

Yes, because I like the halal-frozen food. The presentation is simple, fulfill the wants of customers and clear.

Anonymous said...

your presentation just ok for me...
but it is enough to attract me to buy your products...GREATS!!!

sasyira said...

based on their explanation about the products, we are very satisfied and confidently to buy it..yayyyy~!! =D

B.U.M Equipment said...

sure we can chooe AlaMas as our life because it is easy to serve and delicious...we can save our time as well..

Apple Incorporation said...

salam..I'm not really know about your company but I think it's quite interesting to try your product.At least I can utilize this food when I'm miss my mama's cook..he..he..tq