Wednesday, 7 January 2009


AEON (CO) M BHD also known as Jaya Jusco is the biggest hypermarket store in Malaysia.Below are brief introduction about our company.

•Sharing of the AEON philosophy.
•Prevent scandals by implementing the AEON Code of Conduct.
•Create a corporate culture unique to the AEON group.

Attach wheels to the pillars

With All Our Hearts

Ø Ambassador- Datuk Siti Nurhaliza
Ø Jusco Card (also known as J-Card) for our valued customers
Ø Free monthly catalogue
Ø J-Card day- every months
Ø J-Card Privileges
Ø Reusable Bag to protect the environment- collect points when using it while shopping at Jusco stores
Ø We accept foreign currency-US Dollar, Pound Sterling, Yen and Singapore Dollar
Ø We also provide wheelchair for those who need it
Ø Free parking for Jusco
Ø Card holder at Jusco


KFC company said...

its gud 2 have many branded items but its had been sold with expensive price.

h-qube said...

Good presentation. There are a lot of privileges for your customers. So, we like to buy at your shop.

nestla said...

good in attracting customer and i would like to shopping in jusco because i can contribute to charity

q said...

this group presentation is good buts its too long information and boring..the promotion makes us feel want to go there once.

apple inc. said...

So long presentation..
but you give us a complete information..
I think you have to make more sales in every quarter..

AEON (CO) M BHD said...

thanks for your supportive comment.however,regarding the long presentation we are totally feel sorry about that.This is bcuz we have lots and lots of information to promote you to our company.Ocne again sorry for da inconvenience..!!!

AEON (CO) M BHD said...

To KFC..if u want a cheaper price do have a Jusco card..wif diz card definitely you will have a dicount up 2 90%..besides,u can visit our store especially during festive season,JCard Day and JCard Privelege.

a said...

To H-qube

Thanks for ur good comment.
we are waiting for ur visit with open arms.