Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Cadbury Company

We make and sell three kinds of confectionery : chocolate, gum and candy.

our Vision into Action (VIA) plan for 2008 to 2011 align the energies and efforts of our team around the world behind a number of priority which will make the most impact on our revenue and margin performances.

1. Aim to achieve our vision of becoming the biggest and the best confectionery company in the world.
2. Organic revenue growth of 4%-6% every year
3. Total confectionery share gain
4. Mid-term trading margins by 2011
5. Strong dividend growth
6. An efficient balance sheet growth in Return on Invested Capital (ROIC)



apple inc. said...

I love cadbury and you have a good sample..
Interesting presentation..

KFC company said...

i like chocolate
its make sense also good to make it as gift.

h-qube said...

The presentation was great. You have given your sample products and we have test it. your products have nice taste. So, we are very very very very interested to buy your products.

AEON (CO) M BHD said...

What can we say is,once you have a bite, you want more.HAVE A BREAK,HAVE A KIT KAT!!!!!

nestle said...

so yummy...but your price very expensive..not everybody can afford to buy it...

apple inc. said...

salam..tq for your compliment about our comp.I hope you can attempt to utilize our product..more mesmerize,dazzling and interesting product was provided..we have discount too for loyalty customers..tq.

cadbury.comp said...

to apple inc.

thanks a lot for your support,we will make more new products to fulfill your needs.

Qlate Corp. said...

once you give as a sample....we were very interesting and want more..but if we eat more n more n more.....we will feel not good.hahaha....but, for love.its good...haha..