Wednesday, 7 January 2009


"Byte into an Apple"
To bring the best personal computing products and support to consumers around the world.
To create outstanding software combining OSX's 'State of the art' technology with the strength of dedicated tools for small businesses on MAC platform

Our products is popular and well-known as the high quality of computer. software, and accessories
We offer the software for educationComfortable price, available in various type of products


nestle said...

Perform an attractive and efficient promotion strategy. I would like to buy your product.

AEON (CO) M BHD said...

Your products are very expensive!We can't affors to buy your product even though you have efficient promotion strategy to attract us.Could you please cut down your price a litte bit?

Qlate Corp. said...

very good in promotion.nice advertising and card. but we dont like to buy this product.its expensive and once the product broken,its difficult to repair it and the cost to repair might be higher.

cadbury.comp said...

your products are quite good,we are very satisfied with your qualities.
one more your presentation is interesting.

KFC company said...

the price of good sold is very expensive
when the product are broken its hard to repair it and the cost is so high

h-qube said...

Your products have good quality. But the middle also cannot affort to buy your products. however your presentation was interesting.


to aeon- Once you be our customers,you will get the special prices or discount
-repair services at lower cost

apple inc. said...

I think my company has offered you affordable price..
Once you buy our product you will get until 5 years warranty..
You also will get a high quality products and good services from us..