Tuesday, 24 June 2008


thanks for the first batch of students who suggested passivevoices.blogspot.com
i was discussing with several professional friends from the IT field and some of them commented it's too long and not catchy.
therefore, as a person who is constantly seeking for constructive comments for improvement, i plan to change this blog's url.
i'm open to any suggestion before i officially use it beginning the 1st of july.

tle for course code +english

what da ya think?

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Daing said...

I can't accep just because the URL is too long you want to change to the another URL. I hope you do not change to the another site because :

1. You need time to build again your blog.
2. Your blog just need to 'upgrade' so the vsitors will attract to this blog. (Your students like me are always visit to your blog, we don't think the long URL will make us in troble)

Anyway your blog is among the blog, i am proud to have a lecturer that has her own blog, so the students, exstudents & the lecturer will always keep in touch.

Hepi to blog!